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Serenity Collection | Aussteller auf der LivingKitchen 2019

Serenity Collection

Majestic, elegant, impressive, breathtaking. The line that will amaze everyone. Variations that are sure to impress. Iconic white, interwoven with dominant dark vein. Experience new Calacatta shades, new dimension, new direction, new beauty. Prepare for a stunning visual experience, perceive the harmony of nature and technology. Like an unbridled river, Crystal Calacatta Amnis’s precarious, deep dark tones flow with immense power. What soil gives to a tree through the roots, Crystal Calacatta Silva brings the quartz world. Resilience, strength, durability and long lasting beauty in a network of dark brown trees. The exceptional design of each slab allows for their horizontal connection in perfect lines and creates charming spaces from every interior. They will become your pride. TechniStone® will early introduce some new additions to Serenity Collection. Shades customers have deemed very popular. Each is enriched with mystery and desire, spiced with something new and unexpected. If you run into dreams or endless fantasies, you are looking for peace and harmony, then you will find your favorites here.

Bratri Stefanu 1070
500 03 Hradec Kralove